COVID-19 pandemiasta johtuen työryhmä on päättänyt siirtää pohjoismaista melanoomakokousta vuodella. Uusi ajankohta on 1-3.9.2021. Pahoittelemme tilannetta.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic the organizing committee has decided to move the Nordic Melanoma Meeting one year forward. The new dates for the meeting are September 1-3rd 2021. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

Nordic Melanoma Group

14th Nordic meeting, 1-3.9.2021 | Helsinki, Finland

Welcome to the 14th Nordic Melanoma Meeting 2021, Helsinki, Finland

Dear Colleagues

The Nordic countries have a long tradition of good collaboration in clinical oncology. The Nordic Melanoma Group (NMG) has cooperated jointly since the 1990s and the regular Nordic meetings have become an established institution as part of this collaboration.

Already 21 years have passed, since the Finnish Melanoma Group took the initiative for the first NMG Meeting that was arranged in Ivalo 1998, in Northern Finland. This meeting is the 5th meeting to be arranged in Finland and it will be held in Helsinki, the capital of Finland.

New effective drugs and drug combinations are emerging for the treatment of metastatic melanoma with accelerated intensity. Also melanoma surgery is developing and molecular pathology has come in to our everyday life as part of the diagnostic procedures we use. We look forward to give our Nordic colleagues a scientific update on tumour immunology, pathology, molecular pathology, genetics, surgery, and oncologic treatment of melanoma.

We look forward to receive a large amount of high standard abstracts to be presented at the meeting. The success of these meetings is based on the active participation of all delegates. Young doctors involved in melanoma research have an opportunity to present their work and through networking during the meeting we may find new ways to improve Nordic collaboration. We encourage you to contribute to an interactive discussion around all the subjects.

This year we will continue with a parallel session for nurses involved in melanoma treatment and research, hoping to increase the involvement and Nordic collaboration of nurses in the multidisciplinary teamwork that is necessary due to the new challenging treatments at hand for melanoma patients.

The NMG meeting in Helsinki has been planned by a group of dedicated members of the Finnish Melanoma Group. The meeting has only been possible due to the generous financial support we have received from the following medical companies: BMS, Novartis, MSD, Sanofi, as well as Pierre Fabre Merck and Amgen. We would also like to express our gratitude for the very professional and kind help we have received from our meeting coordinators Elisa Koskelainen and Jutta Korpela in preparing this meeting.

On behalf of the Finnish Melanoma Group I wish you a successful meeting in Helsinki!

Micaela Hernberg,
Chairperson of the Finnish Melanoma Group


Bristol-Myers Squibb MSD Novartis Sanofi


Merck-Pfizer Pierre Fabre